CRG Carpet Cleaning
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How to Keep Your Carpet Safe from Christmas Tree

Is your carpet safe from your Christmas tree? Are you looking for the ways to keep your carpet safe from Christmas tree? During Christmas, people will start to decorate their.. read more


Best Solutions for Every Carpet Stains That You Must Try

Removing carpet stains can be important for those who want to get their carpets in good condition and tiptop shape. And it is always better to clean the carpet when.. read more

professional -carpet-cleaning

Why only vacuum cleaning is not the best method for carpet cleaning?

Everyone owns a vacuum cleaner to keep their home clean, and you do too. Many of us think that vacuuming every day will keep the carpets clean. However, it’s not.. read more


5 Steps to Healthy Home Carpet Care

Cleaning the carpet on time removes dust and dirt, and reduces allergens which helps to protect the health of your family. To have a healthy home carpet, you must follow.. read more

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Best Methods of Upholstery Cleaning

Have you ever looked at the upholstery in your home, office or car and recoiled in disgust? Stains, tiny crumbs of food and dust all around, a complete mess and.. read more


Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning with CRG Carpet Cleaning

Think it’s time to clean your carpets? Thinking of renting the whole carpet cleaning machine to do the job yourself? Well it seems like a good idea at first as.. read more


How to choose the right carpet for your office?

No space is complete without flooring. Choosing the right carpet for your office involves all of those steps that you used to choose the carpet for your home. First, you.. read more


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips – Why You Need to Clean Your Office Carpets Today?

When was the last time you cleaned your office? You may say, the janitor vacuums entire office surrounding every morning. But do you think vacuuming is enough to keep your.. read more

Upholstery Cleaning

As well as carpet cleaning we also steam clean upholstery ranging from kitchen and dining chairs thru to your most expensive lounge suite. We can clean and remove stains and.. read more


Why to choose Upholstery Cleaning services in Adelaide?

Truth be told nobody wants to sit in a dirty couch, do they? It’s no rocket science but a fact.When you have clean upholstery and carpets, your home and office.. read more

Top 7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

As beautiful as your home is, what makes it different from others are the decorations. Sofas, chair, desks, tables, wardrobes and all the paintings hanging on the walls. But what.. read more


7 Carpet Steam Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Carpets are beautiful and make a home feel cozy except when they are dirty.  High traffic areas of carpet can become dirty after frequent use and start to look unsightly. .. read more

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Steam cleaning is the quick way to get your carpets cleaned!

We know how indoors are much polluted compared to outdoors with dirt and allergens. The amount is even higher if you have kids and pets. That’s why it is necessary.. read more

Hire the Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

An important part of carpet care is hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to ensure that your carpet is carefully and thoroughly cleaned so that it looks new throughout its.. read more

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Steam cleaning carpets always gives you the best results because carpet cleaning with steam gives a deeper more thorough clean. For example we steam clean carpets in Adelaide nursing homes.. read more

Halt! Bad carpet cleaning can damage your health

People often complain that despite eating well and maintaining good hygiene they often suffer from  allergies and poor health. A possible cause maybe the  environment around you is not good… read more