Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide – The Eco-Friendly Cleaning Method

Posted on February 13, 2018 · Posted in CRG Carpet Cleaning Blog

We vacuum our carpets regularly to get rid of the dust and particles that get stuck there.  Studies have shown that house exposure to house dust mite allergens is believed to attribute to “allergic sensitization, asthma development, and asthma morbidity.” We know that dust is dangerous for our families. This is why we vacuum. But vacuuming doesn’t always get all the dust allergens. We need to steam clean our carpets as well. This will get deeper into the carpet and removes more dirt than vacuuming alone.

When we steam clean our carpets you are often sold cleaning agents that are full of toxins and chemicals. While these will clean your carpet, they could also be detrimental to your health. Finding a carpet cleaning service that knows the benefits of eco-friendly carpet cleaning is important. Here are some of the benefits of eco-friendly carpet cleaning.

Chemical Free

There is no shortage of cleaning products on the market today. Finding products that clean your home but are also safe to use can be a little difficult. Products with a fragrance will often have phthalates which have been found to decrease sperm count in men. Carpet cleaning is not different. Some carpet cleaners will contain Perchloroethylene which is a neurotoxin and can cause dizziness and other symptoms. Eco-friendly carpet cleaners are non-toxic and won’t contain such harmful chemicals.

Cleaner Air

Sometimes when you spray a bathroom cleaner you will be instructed to do so in a well-ventilated room. This is because it is full of chemicals that affect your breathing. It is safer for you if you choose an eco-friendly carpet cleaner. Services that use eco-friendly products to clean your carpet are also caring for their staff as they know that it is best for their health.

Sanitise, Deodorise and Stain-free

Steam cleaning is a safe alternative to keep your carpets clean. The use of non-toxic products combined with the heat from the steam allows you to sanitise your carpets. This is important as it is keeping your carpet cleaner for you, your family and even your employees. The steam will also remove odours that are kept deep in the carpet. The steaming process will deodorise the carpet keeping your home or place of business smelling fresh and clean.

When you are the owner of a business you know that your office is a direct representation of who you are. This means that when your carpets have stains on them that you are telling your clients that you do not take pride in your appearance. The latest in eco-friendly carpet cleaning allows you to also remove stains just as well as the toxic chemicals.

Cost Effective

Eco-friendly cleaning of your carpets will cost you money. However, the health benefits that are a direct result of the eco-friendly cleaning will save you money in the long run.

Sara Snow said “the cost of environmentally friendly cleaning products has become much more competitive while cleaning in an environmentally sound way reduces the risk of sick days for employees and the risk of fires and chemical spills,”

When employees are taking less sick days, your business is saving money on sick leave as well as improving productiveness. You will also be saving money on occupational, health and safety issues as a result of misuse of chemicals.


Climate change is seeing our sea levels rise, taking away the land mass that we all live on. The actions of humans have a direct impact on the world around us. When we use toxic chemicals to clean our carpets, we are not only putting our health at risk, we are putting the environment at risk.

Toxic chemicals that are used to clean are then disposed of in drains that feed directly into our rivers and the ocean. This, in turn, kills the animals and the plants living in and around these areas. This decreases their lifespan and disrupts the habitat that they live in.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning allows us to make sure that our homes and businesses are clean and safe while taking into consideration the sustainability of our environment.

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