Perform Carpet Cleaning Without the Residue

Posted on June 15, 2018 · Posted in CRG Carpet Cleaning Blog

House dust mites are very common allergens in Australia and it’s mainly due to inappropriate carpet cleaning methods. It is a legitimate concern if your carpet cleaners leave behind residue in your carpets after cleaning.

What does a ‘No Residue Carpet Cleaning’ mean?

The residue is a substance that remains after cleaning your carpet. The removal of stains, dirt, and allergens from a carpet requires the techniques and equipment to be used.

No residue carpet cleaning needs certain steps to be taken to ensure that pre-vacuuming, pre-treating, extracting, post grooming and drying are performed correctly.

Carpet Cleaning Methods:

Hot water soil extraction is considered the most effective carpet cleaning method which provides a much deeper clean. In this method, heated water is sprayed, sometimes with added cleaning chemicals onto the carpet after which the water is then vacuumed. It uses a powerful suction to extract any soil that is present in the carpet, leaving it clean and residue-free.

Even with extraction, there still could be some soap or chemicals left behind if not properly cleaned. This will attract even more dirt leading to reappearing spots and carpets become soiled soon after they have been cleaned. It’s important to consult a trusted cleaning company to clean your carpets.

Carpet cleaning residues/ rinse:

  1. Alkaline residue

It will make a carpet crusty and re-soiling will occur faster.

  1. Acid residue

A proper and appropriate amount of acid rinse is recommended.

  1. Water residue

This is a very common method used for carpet cleaning. Water alone cannot balance the pre-conditioner in the carpet without chemicals.

Residue-free cleaning products:

Today most people use detergents and high-quality cleaning chemicals. Some cleaning companies now use residue-free organic cleaning products which don’t include any soaps or detergents.

Equipment Quality:

The use of high-quality and powerful equipment is a must to efficiently remove any soil or residue.

Why use CRG Carpet Cleaning for residue-free carpet cleaning?

At CRG Carpet Cleaning, we use the latest carpet steam cleaning service products that remove the toughest stains and allergens without damaging your carpet. ‘With no residue carpet cleaning’, your carpet is hygienically safe for your family and your children to play on without the worry of being exposed to harsh chemicals.

Our products do not contain any harsh chemicals and we guarantee that no dirt-attracting residue is left behind.

Are you also looking for a professional carpet cleaner who will clean your carpets effectively and leave it residue-free for a longer period of time?

Call CRG Carpet Cleaning at 0411 154 433 or request a quote to ensure you receive the best cleaning.