Holiday Cleaning Tips – Declutter before Winter is over

Posted on July 27, 2018 · Posted in CRG Carpet Cleaning Blog

The holidays provide an ideal time to re-evaluate how you currently use the space in your home and to think about the forthcoming festive season. Winter is the usually a time when you are likely to spend more time at home.

Here are the holiday cleaning tips to declutter before winter is over.

Declutter the Closets

Eliminate old clothes and bag up your summer clothes in storage bags with labels. So when spring rolls around, swapping over seasonal clothes will be a breeze. Decluttering your closet is an opportunity to dust, vacuum and disinfect before returning and rearranging your clothes. Items like t-shirts and some sweaters can go into drawers. An organised closet makes your selection of what to wear easy.

Summer Sports

Summer sports equipment can take up space. Clean and store any spring or summer sports equipment, pool toys or other outdoor games. Remove toys and items that are no longer used. Consider donating these excess items to charity or give them locally to families in need.

Kitchen Stock

Organise your kitchen cupboards and pantry where you store your food. Do a stocktake on what foods you do have and incorporate them in meal plans. It is better to keep snack foods at eye-level for easy access.

Clean out your Garage

A garage can become a dumping ground for items you don’t need anymore. Again its time to donate to charity or families in need of those items you no longer use. On the other hand, its an opportunity to rearrange objects in an orderly way.

Consider Relocating furniture

Consider relocating or parting with furniture to free up space in your home. It may be too easy to accumulate furniture, tables, chairs and other items over a period of time especially living in the same home. Always have wide areas in your living area that will accommodate a mobility device such as a walker or wheelchair.

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