Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Methods used by a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Posted on December 27, 2017 · Posted in CRG Carpet Cleaning Blog
carpet cleaning method

Learn how professionals use the best carpet cleaning methods to keep the carpet look new and fresh. One of the dilemma for homeowners looking for a quality carpet cleaning service is deciding which method to use. While in choosing the best carpet cleaning method for your home or office, you will need to understand different types of carpet cleaning methods for the better care of your carpets.

Here are top 5 carpet cleaning methods for you to use.

Hot Water extraction

The hot water extraction is the most used method for cleaning carpets and rugs. This cleaning method uses high pressured heated water to agitate the rug fiber and dissolve dirt within the carpet.A high powered vacuum on the applicator immediately removes the hot water solution along with the dust and debris from the carpet.

A carpet cleaning professional uses a hot water extraction cleaning machine to inject the water and a cleaning solution into the carpet to remove the dirt.This process requires skilled hand with precise technique and high quality chemical that will leave very little residue after the wash.

The hot water extraction not only helps to dislodge dirt, dust, and stains but also sanitises the surface as it cleans. Moreover, it is not as harsh as chemical cleaners, making it safe for people and pets to walk on the carpet sooner with less chance of damaging the carpet or leaving any residue behind.

Dry extraction cleaning

It is one of the latest cleaning technologies found in the market. It is an effective and a convenient cleaning process as it doesn’t require drying time. This method uses no water making it preferable for people who do not wish to wait long period of time for the carpets to dry.

In this method, the cleaning compound or powder is applied into the bottom part of the carpet using the moisturised rotating brush machine to open the carpet fiber and allow the compound to settle inside, resulting in deep and thorough carpet cleaning.

Once the process is complete, the carpet is vacuumed to remove the combined powder and the soil. The best use of dry extraction method is for the commercial installations where the carpet is cleaned regularly and requires quick drying. This method is also friendly for carpet fibers such as hemp and sisal which can be easily damaged.

Carpet shampoo

The carpet shampoo method is the original carpet cleaning method used by professional cleaners. This method was prevalent in the past as it removed all dirt from the carpet.It is best for heavily soiled and low pile carpet.

In this cleaning process, a cleaning shampoo is usually put on the carpet and distributed by scrubbing on the carpet with a moisturised brush to develop the foam. The constituents of the foam attract all the dirt and soil from the carpet. And since there is no extraction process involved, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove soil and residue after the solution is dried up.

Bonnet cleaning

This cleaning method consists cleaning the upper surface of carpet or fiber using a high moisturised machine composed with absorbent pad dipped in a cleaning solution for dirt and soil absorption. It uses the cleaning product, occasionally mixed with carbonated water and spreads it as a spray over the surface of the carpet.

The carpet is then buffed with absorbent pads attached to a floor machine. The absorbent pads absorb the dirt and soil from the carpet and when bonnet quit absorbing the soil from the carpet then the pads are rinsed or changed to finish the work.

This method is efficient for business companies and hotels as it quickly washes away the dirt and dries fast without disturbing the guests or visitors.Since, bonneting does not clean the carpet deeply and there isn’t any rinsing action, it is not suitable for heavy soil removal.Most carpet owners might prefer to use this method as a temporary solution as they await to carry out complete cleaning later.


This is one of the new carpet cleaning techniques. Since it does not make use of water in the cleaning procedure, it is classified as the Dry Method.This cleaning method has gained popularity for the past few decades and is environment friendly because there is less chemical residue left behind after cleaning.

In this process, the encapsulation chemical is sprayed onto the carpet and then brushed using cylindrical or rotary brush machine. The chemical used in this cleaning surrounds each soil particle and crystallise it so it can’t attract other soil. The soil particles released from carpet fiber is then removed by vacuuming, leaving no residue and providing a deep clean.

Choose any one of the above methods of carpet cleaning based on whether the carpets are used for residential or commercial purposes, how dirty your carpet is and how long you are willing to wait for it to dry. It is always recommended to hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean and maintain the quality and colour of the carpet for a long time.For professional carpet cleaning service in Adelaide, call CRG Carpet Cleaning at 0411 154 433