How to Keep Your Carpet Safe from Christmas Tree

Posted on November 27, 2017 ยท Posted in CRG Carpet Cleaning Blog

Is your carpet safe from your Christmas tree? Are you looking for the ways to keep your carpet safe from Christmas tree? During Christmas, people will start to decorate their home for the holidays. And when it comes to set up a Christmas tree, failing to protect your carpet can cause damage that will stick around even once the holidays are finished and can cause costly hassle to repair. Here are the tips to keep your carpet safe from Christmas tree.

Guard against water damage

Watering your Christmas tree can mean bad news for your carpet. Water from the tree stand can leak and cause water damage. Water that is left standing for hours can stain and damage the carpet. To protect the carpet, place a waterproof sheet on the floor below your tree. Also to avoid the attention of other people make your tree more attractive, cover the sheet with a tree skirt kit, and no one will know about secret weapon against potential water damage. In addition, overwatering can lead to overflowing and spills so avoid overwatering your tree and check regularly for spills and clean them up right away.

Sap stains on the carpet

The pine trees that you are going to decorate for Christmas have some sap that will leak out throughout the time that is in your home. The sap is a hard and stick thing to get out of the carpet and it may damage your carpet. You can protect your carpet by placing a flat sheet or plastic to lay out on the carpet while setting up the tree and decorating it. By doing this you can protect your carpet from the tree sap that might begin to stick on your carpet and may damage it. Even after placing a flat sheet or plastic, if you notice sap has gotten on the carpet than it’s time to clean it up.

Pine needles on Carpet

The pine tree that you are going to decorate on the Christmas will bound to have needles dropping off of it and can damage your carpet. So to control the needles fall rapidly, make sure you add water periodically as needed. Needles will still fall, but it is easier to control as not as many falls as quickly. If possible you can also erect your tree away from a heating source as heat also contributes to a tree drying out quickly and fall of tree needles more. In addition, you can place the protective layer which will guard the carpet from pine needle droppings. Even you can also regularly clean up fallen pine needles by vacuuming to avoid them getting walked on and ground into the carpet.

Tree stand safety

Consider keeping the right size tree stand with a container to water the tree. Make sure the stand is wide enough to support the tree and make good contact with your carpet. Having narrow and small stand does not support the tree which may fall down and damage your carpet. So getting a bigger stand for your Christmas tree ensure the safety of your carpet and home.

Handle young children

Young children get more excited about Christmas by the pine tree and its decoration. They will get a chance to experience a live Christmas tree and the fun of decorating it. During Christmas they shouldn’t be left alone with the Christmas tree without supervision otherwise they leave your carpet messy like spilling water or picking the pine needles and leaving it on the ground into the carpet. By doing this it not only keep your carpet protected but also keep your child safe from bigger dangers like an electric shock from lights or the tree tipping over.

Keep pets away from a Christmas tree

Cats and dogs are curious creatures and they should not be left unsupervised where they can get to the Christmas tree. Real Christmas trees are more dangerous to pets than fake plastic ones. Ensure the tree has a good solid base so it won’t easily be knocked by the pet and damage your carpet. Keep valuable and breakable objects closer to the top of the tree where they can’t easily be reached by your pets and spill over the carpet.

Consider keeping the pet away from the Christmas tree and put a temporary safety gate in the doorway to the room where the tree is located. It is an effective way to keep your pets at bay when you are busy to ensure they stay safe and contained.

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