Steam Cleaning is the Quickest Way to get your Carpets Cleaned!

Posted on January 15, 2017 · Posted in CRG Carpet Cleaning Blog

We know how indoors are much polluted compared to outdoors with dirt and allergens. The amount is even higher if you have kids and pets. That’s why it is necessary to clean your home often.

A vital part in keeping your home safe, healthy and clean is to regularly clean your carpets and remove all the contamination as well as stains from them. We know you vacuum your carpets on a routine basis but it still doesn’t get rid of bacteria and germs living deep in it along with dust, dirt and mites. Cleaning your carpet only on the surface is useless.

That’s why getting the carpets cleaned by the professional carpet cleaning service provider is important as it helps to maintain its quality in terms of material, colors, and for its longevity while looking clean and new.

We know that as time goes by, dust and dirt gets collected deep inside the carpet and to get rid of these stubborn pollutants and thoroughly clean the carpets you will need to steam clean the carpets for best results.

The equipment used for steam cleaning is all high grade.

The process uses hot water which penetrates deep into the fibers of the carpet and gets rid of the debris collected in it.

The purpose of using heat/hot water is not just to clean the carpet, but to remove any bacteria, germs and dust mites calling it home. As a result, it significantly cuts back allergens as well as helps to remove various toxins build up in the carpet.

Steam carpet cleaning can be done in a various type of materials and depend on its surface and material, application of moisture level for use can be easily modified. It ensures the carpet’s fabric is protected and its quality is maintained resulting in your carpets’ fresh and new feel. This method helps to prolong your carpets’ life as well.

While using a number of brighteners in other methods of cleaning the carpet it can leave carpets looking slightly yellowish in color, but here the hot water and steam prevent the carpets from any discoloration.

Unlike other water-based shampoo carpet cleaners that need longer drying time, in steam cleaning the carpets are dry in the much shorter time frame. In this technique, re-soiling is kept to a minimum and the carpet is completely dried and ready for use when you get back home. So, steam cleaning is the quick way to get your carpets cleaned!

Like I said before, many chemicals are used for brightening the carpets while cleaning. These chemicals can have an adverse effect on kids, pets, and people with allergies, sensitive skin, and other health issues.

You will be relieved to know that the amount of chemicals used in the process is quite low compared to other methods of carpet cleaning. Also, there isn’t much risk of unsafe chemical residues polluting the indoor. You can breathe in the safe and clean air indoors after steam cleaning your carpets.

Another benefit of this method is that you don’t have to worry about the carpets being damp, cold or soapy after cleaning as excess water, dirt and other pollutants are all taken out of the carpet with strong suction from the steam cleaning equipment.

That’s why it is advised to leave this task to the carpet cleaning specialists. They use high-quality equipment and environmentally safe cleaners for the purpose. They have the experience on how to clean various kinds of carpets that are made out of different materials without damaging them. And you won’t have to stress about something going wrong while cleaning the carpets (unlike when you do it yourself).

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