How often should Office Carpets be Cleaned?

Posted on August 13, 2018 · Posted in CRG Carpet Cleaning Blog

Carpets are designed or manufactured in such a way that it is difficult to know how dirty they are. Since every office place is unique there is no general answer. Most places have traffic on a regular basis and consequently, there is a build-up of dirt and grime carried in from the outdoors. For the indoor contaminants like dust, food and hair your carpet can become soiled quickly.

Call professional carpet cleaners especially when considering the following factors.

  • If the colour of your carpet is pale or has solid shades, then they will require more cleaning to look fresh and new.
  • If your office area is a high traffic area then your carpet will need to be cleaned more frequently.
  • If the carpet is subject to food stains then the life of the carpet diminishes and more carpet cleaning services are necessary.

Cleaning your carpets is essential in order to maintain a reasonable lifespan of your carpets. The following are general guidelines to help you determine an appropriate carpet cleaning schedule.


Cooking greases that are tracked from the kitchen and airborne grease can literally coat everything in a fine layer of oil, which attracts and holds onto dirt, dust and other small particles. Food and drinks can cause permanent stains on carpets. Stains must be managed immediately otherwise the stain removal process becomes increasingly difficult. The build-up of food particles not only leaves unsightly stains but can lead to unpleasant odors. Vacuuming carpets every day is essential and having a professional clean them every month is needed.

Nursing Homes

Carpets in nursing homes require a regular deep clean with appropriate chemicals to help fight dirt, odours, infections and germs because the elderly and infirmed are particularly vulnerable to infections. So cleanliness is the key. Setting up a weekly cleaning schedule is needed to keep carpets clean and to minimise germs.

Retail Stores

It’s recommended that carpets be cleaned and protected every 3 to 6 months depending on the foot traffic.

Office Buildings

The carpets in office buildings are designed to show a little dirt and wear as possible. At least once a year engage professional cleaners to clean your office.

Childcare Facilities

Cleaning and keeping carpets clean in child care centres is necessary to do on a daily basis because babies and young children are more prone to sickness. Carpets can be cleaned by using powerful steam cleaning methods.

Cleaning your carpets regularly can help extend the life of your carpets which in turn reduces the replacement costs. Besides it is the place where employees spend time and utilizing a clean and organised office.  It also is a place to impress your potential clients and existing customers. It is normal for office staff not to notice the daily wear and tear of carpets as it builds up over time, but to a visitor, it will be noticed. So it is important to keep your office carpet clean and tidy. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that carpet cleaning is carried out every six to twelve months and even more frequently in busy traffic areas.

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