7 Carpet Steam Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Posted on March 5, 2017 · Posted in CRG Carpet Cleaning Blog

Carpets are beautiful and make a home feel cosy except when they are dirty.  High traffic areas of carpet can become dirty after frequent use and start to look unsightly.  This is not acceptable, especially given the cost of carpet and the expectation that it will last a long time once you install it in your home.  Carpets require special cleaning efforts for certain types of problems including areas that are tramped down and stains that seem impossible to remove.  Here are 7 carpet steam cleaning hacks that you need to know when you decide to steam clean your carpet so that you can make it look amazing:

1. Carpet Freshener

If you want to have carpets that smell amazing and fresh, create your own carpet freshener with a mixture of baking soda and essential oil.  Combine about 15 – 20 drops of an essential oil with a nice scent and a full box of baking soda.   Stir them together in a bowl until well mixed and store in a glass jar.  Shake some of the baking soda over your carpet when you want to freshen up your carpet, wait about ten minutes and vacuum up the soda.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Some people like to use spot removers, some like homemade stain removers.  Baking soda mixed together with vinegar is a powerful stain lifter and is comparable to industrial strength removers.  Mix the two ingredients together and use a toothbrush to scrub the spot with the mixture.  You will see the stain magically lift before your eyes.  Follow up with a steam cleaner to clean the entire carpet.

3. Alternate Stain Removal Method

Vacuum the area to remove all debris and dirt particles.  Dampen the spot with one part vinegar and three parts tap water.  Cover the stain with a wet towel and run a hot iron over the towel.  The heat should lift the stain up into the towel.

4. Cleaning Methods for Different Carpet Types

Carpets are different in texture and density.  Some have low loops and are nearly flat while others are quite plush and you sink into them as you walk over the top.  Some carpets are pre-treated with stain protection and are manufactured with synthetic or wool fibers.  Sometimes scrubbing stains and pre-treating them can help to remove stubborn stains when you steam clean the carpeted area for a more evenly clean outcome.

5. Use a Homemade Deep Cleaning Solution

One issue with steam cleaning carpets is that the liquid cleaning solution used in the steam cleaner can contain toxic ingredients.  You have the option of making your own deep cleaning solution with a few simple ingredients that can be just as effective as commercial cleaning solutions.  Combine ¼ cup white vinegar, ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide, 5 drops of essential oils, 2 tablespoons of dish soap, 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and a full gallon of hot water.

6. Fluff up the Carpet – Method 1

If your carpet appears trampled and tired, you can fluff it up by pouring a solution over it of water and vinegar in equal parts.  Allow the solution to soak in and then blot it with a cloth.  After the carpet is semi-dry, take a household spoon and run it along the carpet to pull the carpet fibers and have them stand up straight once again.  If you see dents in the carpet where furniture or other heavy items have been sitting, place an ice cube on the dent and allow it to melt.  Use a soft towel to gently blot up the extra moisture.  Put a damp towel over the dent and run an iron over the towel.  When the fibers are nearly dry, you can stop ironing the area and then use your hands to mess up the area and help it blend in.

7. Call a Professional

When you need the job done right, consider calling a professional carpet cleaning company that can get your carpets looking as good as new.  Professionals understand what you are looking for and they also know how to remove stains and get your carpets looking great.  They know how to remove smells, stains, and dents and are ready to help when you contact them.  CRG Carpet Cleaning has plenty of experience with cleaning all types of carpets, just give them a call to find out more.

Wrapping Up,

Carpets not only make your room warm and cosy, but it also makes your room stylish. If you don’t have carpets in your home, then, now is the time you think of getting one. Having carpet at home needs special care and cleaning. I hope above carpet steam cleaning hacks will help you to keep your carpet clean. If you want us to help you then, call us on 0411 154 433. We are the best carpet steam cleaning Adelaide, offer 100% work guarantee to our valuable clients.